Meet those closest to you.

Over 350 Columbia users last semester.
Over 600 matches.
And we're just getting started.

Here's what happening this Fall Semester

Throughout the summer, we put a lot of time, effort, and love into creating a completely revamped DormMatch: faster, smoother, and cleaner than ever. This means a completely redesigned messaging interface, the ability to change your dorm, icebreakers, and soOoOo much more.
This new, revamped DormMatch, launched Aug. 26th with a fresh start and a new user base! The app is currently available on the App Store.

Important updates that will affect users of the previous version of DormMatch:

1. On Tuesday, June 15th, the current version of DormMatch will be taken off the App Store. This was a decision made so that we can best prepare for relaunch this Fall semester. You'll still be able to talk with and match current users until mid-August, but if you have any matches you've been chatting with, now would be the time to get their number, since come mid-August all accounts will reset. We've completely redesigned DormMatch's back end code to provide a faster and scalable experience while still maintaining industry-grade security, but this means we've got to swap out our database (as a one time thing!) before relaunch in the Fall.

2. Current users who update their DormMatch app in the Fall will be granted unlimited swipes! Wait... don't you already have unlimited swipes? More on this to come. Long story short: all you og users are grandfathered in.

3. Current users who update their DormMatch app in the Fall will be prompted to make a new account and start from scratch. This means that if you're currently talking to a few people, be sure to get their number before mid-August, since all accounts will reset then. Just to be safe, we're NOT deleting any of your old matches, messages, etc. on our end, so if you end up losing contact with anyone, always feel free to reach out to us at and we'll put you back on track :)
Have fun!
- The DormMatch Team <3
PS. Interested in working with us? Send an email to